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Lamon Guesthouse offer you a safe and secure environment and parking. A peaceful, quite area with tranquil surroundings.

Our service promise to be more than just a overnight stay, we strive to make our guests feel pampered and enjoy a stay in a calming and relaxed environment. Our goal is to be a haven of comfort while away from home. We at Lamon Guesthouse invite you to experience our hospitality and  outstanding personal service.



What you can expect in your suite....

Each of our 9 stylish and comfortable non-smoking rooms offer the following:
* A private entrance and lobby
* En-suite bath & shower
* Complimentary Coffee/Tea facilities with freshly home baked rusks from our kitchen.
* Bottled water
* Bar fridge
* Microwave Oven

* Airconditioners in all the rooms and  dining area
* Crisp white linen, towels
* Dry cleaning service


updated 21 May 2014

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